With a figurative painting style my main element of expression is the human figure. My intention is to get a plastic language, personal and original, deep in symbols and signs but visually accessible to all kind of persons.

I always liked adapt the classic themes of painting, like some mythologicals, or make my free interpretations about literary themes, but also I have my own characters, which I provide of unique meanings.

Fran Recacha actually based on Alicante, was born in Badalona, Spain, on September 27, 1976. Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Artist of the "A Gallery" in London of Fraser Kee Scott, and "Art du Temps" gallery of Ponette family in France. His works are present in private collections in countries as US, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Andorra...




One can compare being a great figurative painter today with a bull fight. To go through the University of Barcelona (or the art school in London) with the intention of being a great painter is more of a battle than to enter the ring, dressed head to toe in red, with a raging mad bull. Fran Recacha not only is a great figurative painter, he is one at a time when the most controversial thing an artist can do - is paint the figure!

The difference between illustration and fine art is that the first tells the whole tale and the later let's the viewer bring some of their own story to the work. Great art leaves gaps which the viewer can fill in. Fran Recacha entered the world of the arts through the door of illustration, but by a twist of fate and decision has stayed as a painter, and we are richer because of it, as he allows us to join him in his wonderful world of paintings.

Fran Recacha has exceptional technical ability, a fresh colour palette, freedom and lightness of spirit; which allows his works to take us on contemporary journeys that leave us enriched with a poetic understanding of the beauty, importances, passion and triumphs of a modern day master storyteller.

Fran confronts age old subjects, ranging from 'Decision', 'Destiny' and 'Homo Sapiens', bringing to the table philosphical discussions, which the 'art elite' threaten to kill as dead as the pursuit of technical mastery; but through the life and joy of Fran Recacha these most important ideas and dreams are not only kept alive, but given a new breath of life so that they are very much here, able to be seen, felt and experienced in the 21st Century.

Fraser Kee Scott


Sapiens 21st Century, Oil on canvas, 200x300cm



As a true poet, Fran Recacha touches our sensibility and imagination. Inspired by mythology, history and legends, he paints "ideistic", symbolic and synthetic compositions.

The eye revels at precise drawings, the disappearance of brush strokes, the expression of dynamism, energy, movement, or subtle color nuances in the shadows. The imaginary settings composed by Recacha's mind take us to surrealistic scenes and often contribute to a critical (sometimes satirical or humoristic) perspective of contemporary society.

The esthetic harmony of his work, hides truths that Recacha subtly explores: the antagonisms that prevail between vice and virtue, the fantastical and the real, collective memory and modernity.

Galerie Art du Temps


Icarus, Oil on canvas, 130x195cm



Fran Recacha’s crisp Symbolist paintings would be captivating jacket art for authors ranging from Ayn Rand to Paul Auster or even Ian McEwan. The Barcelona-based artist creates gracefully molded figures engaged in dream-like scenarios open to expansive narrative interpretations and poetic depths. The drama he designs in his complex compositions is high key but elegantly undercut by his cool palette and streamlined cityscapes.

Recacha’s architectural image, cool scheme and definition of clothed and nude bodies stylistically recall art-deco artists such as Tamara de Lempicka, but his surrealist subject matter and tumultuous temperament go beyond that era’s aloof allure. Regardless of the intended meaning behind each image and gesture, Recacha’s paintings convey a compelling sense of narrative possibility.

Ana Finel Honigman



Fran Recacha reminds us of the European Vanguards, such as the Futurists - once they adopted the techniques of the Cubists artists, but focused of the movement instead of the static analytical works.

Fran particularly loves the works of Josep de Togores, who enjoyed Realism, Surrealism and Cubism, and who has influenced him greatly. Notably is the influence and direction that Fran´s pictorial world has taken. The symbolist painter Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre and his world are arguably Recacha´s favorite world as well. Recacha has followed this path and eagerly delved deeply into this world of symbolism with both feet.

Fran, in his own way, visualizes his work and begins to set in motion a highly symbolic work with subtle sub text just beneath the surface for those who linger just long enough in front of one of his magnificent paintings. If Néstor himself were peering over his shoulder, he would give an approving nod or wink to this young but talented beyond his years, painter of Barcelona.

Even the painting "La Galeria" (1928) by Feliu Elias could have been signed Fran Recacha - such is his talent at just thirty-something years old. This is a truly talented and noteworthy young artist whose career is worth following over the next few years to see where he will turn up next and what jewels may come from his studio walls or easel.

Gabriel Picart


Josep de Togores, Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre, Feliu Elias




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